Modern Roots, is perhaps a contradiction in its very name, but a musical ideal that this folk singer-songwriter stands firm to uphold. Drawing inspiration in style and delivery from songwriters and musicians of that past, while writing from what inspires him in his everyday life, he bridges the gap between American Roots and current day Americana music.

Raised on a healthy dose of SRV, The Grateful Dead, Dylan and The Band thanks to his old man, gave him a respect for musicianship and a good song. Playing in a variety of blues and rock n’roll bands through the younger years of life forged an appreciation for musicians creating music through improvisation and true feeling. It was, however, in college where he picked up the mandolin and found the bluegrass and country roots sound which his style most sonically emulates today. Incorporating inspiration from legendary roots musicians Hank Sr., Doc Watson and Johnny Cash with his love of modern day songwriters and musicians such as Chris Thile, Ryan Adams, and his closest friends that he gets to play with regularly, Brian spins a web of music that is part storyteller, part improvisational blues and bluegrass musicianship, but all emotion and heart. Carroll is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, mandolin, banjo or most anything that has strings and has a strong penchant for improvisation with other musicians as well as performing his original music.

With 5 EPs, a 15 track collection entitled “The Monthly EPs” and a live release under his belt, Carroll is currently working on new songs for a 2016 full length record.

 WordKrapht’s Kerriann Curtis describes his songwriting as “Story-telling put to music”. As a singer and multi-instrumentalist, he also shines. Max Bowen (of Boston’s ‘The Noise’) states “as good as he is on the string instruments [for the record, he’s really damn good], his vocals are second to none.”